Is President Obama Supporting Juneteenth?

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    Monday, March 15, 2010 3:47 PM
    From: "FN-WHO-Scheduling" <Scheduling@who.eop.gov>

    Dear Dr. Myers:

    Thank you for inviting President Obama to recognize the 2010 Juneteenth
    National Holiday Observance by attending the Lincoln Park United
    Methodist Church's National Juneteenth Black Holocaust "Maafa" Memorial
    Service on June 18, 2010, and by inviting the AAJC/HBCU Student
    All-Star Big Band to perform at the White House.

    President Obama has recognized Juneteenth as an opportunity for all Americans to
    celebrate the rights and freedoms we enjoy, as well as a chance to call
    to mind the innumerable contributions of African Americans to our
    Nation. However, the constraints of his schedule and the volume of
    requests are such that the majority must be declined. It is with
    sincere regret that the President will be unable to attend this year's
    Juneteenth service at Lincoln Park United Methodist Church or invite
    the All-Star Big Band to perform at the White House. Unfortunately, a
    Presidential Proclamation will also not be possible this year.

    Thank you for your interest in including the President in your plans, and we appreciate your understanding.


    The White House Office of Appointments and Scheduling
  • NATIONAL JUNETEENTH HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN President Obama Responds to Black Critics - BV Black Spin

    Brother Watkins:

    I read your comments concerning President Barack Obama and the criticism
    he has received concerning his lack of dealing with the concerns of the
    black community. It appears you left out President Obama's lack of
    personal acknowledgment of Juneteenth Independence Day and the National
    Juneteenth Holiday Campaign:

    President Obama personally recognized Cinco de Mayo (a celebration of a historic event which took place in Mexico not America like Juneteenth) with a White House (built
    by Americans of African descent during the tyranny of enslavement)
    ceremony in May but refused to do the same for Juneteenth.

    Obama Celebrates Cinco De Mayo a Day Early

  • Cinco De Mayo: MICHELLE OBAMA Celebrates

  • Obama celebrates Cinco de Mayo early - White House- msnbc.com

    President Obama spoke at the U..S. Capitol about the importance of remembering
    the Jewish Holocaust (a tragic historic event which took place in
    Germany) on Holocaust Remembrance Day, but refused to participate in
    the National Juneteenth Black Holocaust "Maafa" Memorial Service
    (acknowledgment of a tragic series of historic events - Middle Passage,
    lynching and murders before and after the Civil War, etc., which took
    place in America or directly related to American history) at Lincoln
    Park U.M.C., in Washington, DC, during the National Day of
    Reconciliation and Healing from the Legacy of Enslavement at the annual
    WASHINGTON JUNETEENTH National Holiday Observance.

    Obama links slavery, Holocaust memory | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

    Obama honors Holocaust victims at Capitol ceremony - USATODAY.com

    Myers invites President Obama to speak at the annual
    National Juneteenth Black Holocaust "Maafa" Memorial Service
    in Washington, DC.
    (Letter to President Barack Obama)

    President Obama did not respond to our invitation for a performance of the
    AAJC/HBCU All-star Big Band during "June is Black Music Month!" -
    CELEBRATE JUNETEENTH JAZZ - "Preserving Our African American Jazz
    Legacy!" at the White House but hosted an American jazz concert and
    event (leaving Juneteenth Jazz out during the week of the observance of
    Juneteenth in Washington, DC!).

    Obama: We'll Have Jazz at the White House | Night Lights Classic ...

    Video results for Obama Jazz White House

    Myers urges President Obama to support Juneteenth Jazz
    during Black Music Month in June through the performance of
    the AAJC/HBCU Student All-star Big Band at the annual WASHINGTON
    JUNETEENTH National Holiday Observance

  • (Letter to President Obama)

    It appears that our brother, the first African American president in U.S.
    history, raises serious concerns about not personally acknowledging and
    participating in any Juneteenth activities in Washington, DC. I pray
    that this will not continue in 2010.

    President Obama was a great supporter of Juneteenth as a state senator and U.S. Senator from Illinois before becoming president. As a U.S. Senator Obama was the
    keynote speaker at several WASHINGTON JUNETEENTH Congressional
    Receptions and presented me with a special award for efforts to bring
    greater recognition of Juneteenth in congress and throughout the nation.

    I also noticed that you do not have any comments or information about
    Juneteenth, the National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign, the annual
    WASHINGTON JUNETEENTH National Holiday Observance, etc. on your web
    site! Why do you have such a glaring omission of information,
    discussion or inquiry about a true modern day African American grass
    roots movement in America?

    I hope that this won't continue in the future, especially since you are considered a national spokesperson
    for the African American perspective on key issues and President Barack

    Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D.
    Subject: Re: President Obama & Juneteenth Revisted

    I would probably do the same thing if I were trying to be the President
    of all the people. They want him to show bias toward members of his own
    race. In the present climate, he has a lot more on his plate than
    Juneteenth Day.  Health Care Reform and jobs are a pressing issue
    that he has to deal with. If he is diverted into every cause some might want him to , he would never get anything done. When he became President , everything changed. He has different priorities now and faces a much tougher agenda. You and I are good friends and fellow
    musicians , but if I was Obama , I would probably have to make the same choice. If Obama was a close friend , I would not ask him to do things any differently. You are the one that has to realize that there are other alternatives and things you can do.  One was my suggestion to
    have a white GOP senator take the lead in the bill ...if it comes to pass. Why are you avoiding that? They are looking for Obama to stumble and fall. Juneteenth would only cost him political capital he desperately needs. 

  • I can only hope you would not come after me because I am black and I am your friend, if a similar situation arose.  Look at your other options and do not join in vilifying Obama like the
    right wing does. They have their own agenda , do not give them cannon fodder. I have criticized the National Juneteenth Day Celebration in the past for it's ties to religion and Christianity. Again, that is a touchy subject that Obama can't afford to be dragged into. You are a minister, it is all well and OK to you. But to someone that must represent Muslims, Buddhists , Aethists and whomever , it can be political dynamite.  I hope you will end the attacks on Obama and give the brother a break. Let one of those Dixie senators take the
    heat. If Obama is the only resource you have, then you should rethink your whole strategy. Dr. Watkins wants to save his butt and his column.  You were doing fine before Obama became POTUS. Continue to doing what you have been doing. Having Juneteenth Day, a national holiday, will not change the realities that black folks face. Let Obama address them.

    The Professor


  • Greg:

    Thanks for the e-mail. However, it appears that you do not understand the
    direction that we are coming from as the "Modern Juneteenth Movement"
    in America (www.NationalJuneteenth.com).

    As the leader of the movement, I have worked with 5 U.S. presidents before President Obama
    (Carter, Reagan, Bush, Sr., Clinton & Bush, Jr.) concerning the recognition and support of Juneteenth Independence Day in America.

    I worked with Barack Obama as a Illinois state senator in support of
    Juneteenth becoming a state holiday observance in Illinois. Obama was
    our U.S. Senate host for the annual WASHINGTON JUNETEENTH National
    Holiday Observance Congressional Juneteenth Reception during the four
    years he served in congress. Sen. Barack Obama, before becoming
    President Barack Obama, was a strong supporter of Juneteenth.

    Since becoming President of the United States (for all Americans, African
    Americans, Jewish Americans, Hispanic Americans, Gay & Lesbian
    Americans, etc.) he has recognized Cinco de Mayo (a Hispanic Mexican
    American holiday celebrating a historic event in Mexico, at the White
    House), the Jewish Holocaust (a Jewish American tragic historic event
    that took place in Germany by speaking at the U.S. Capitol during
    Holocaust Remembrance Day, a National Day of Observance in April),
    issued a Presidential Proclamation for Gay & Lesbian Month
    (observed during the month of June, like Juneteenth Independence Day,
    where President Obama has again refused to issue a proclamation or
    recognize with a celebration at the White House, built by Americans of
    African descent during the tyranny of enslavement, along with the U.S.
    Capitol), and other examples, like Obama's personal recognition of
    other ethnic American days, including St. Patrick's Day (for Irish
    Americans), etc.

    So, unless I am a Hispanic, Mexican, Irish or Jewish American, etc., I should not expect recognition as an African American for the oldest African American freedom celebration, a day
    recognized by 36 states, including Obama's home state of Hawaii and his
    resident state of Illinois and the District of Columbia, the U.S.
    Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives as Juneteenth Independence
    Day, from 1996 through 2009, by several congressional Juneteenth
    Independence Day resolutions, co-sponsored and unanimously passed by
    Republican (conservative and moderate), Democrat (liberal, conservative
    and moderate, including Senator Barack Obama) and Independent members
    of congress, by the first African American president in U.S. history,
    or to recognize and participate in "June Is Black Music Month!" -
    CELEBRATING JUNETEENTH JAZZ - "Preserving Our African American Jazz
    Legacy!" by supporting a concert for the AAJC/HBCU Student All-star Big
    Band in at the White House, I HAD BETTER CHANGE MY ETHNICITY TO

    Perhaps the "4th of July," where Americans of African descent were slaves,
    would be a good time to celebrate freedom from enslavement in America.
    However, one big problem is that during the "4th of July," 1776, and
    for over 88 years following, Americans of African descent were slaves.
    George Washington was a slave owner, Thomas Jefferson was a slave
    owner, etc. Perhaps Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick's Day, etc., all
    personally acknowledged by the very, very busy President of the United
    States, who took time to do so during the heat of the health care
    reform legislation battle this week, but when it comes to personal
    recognition of Juneteenth, President Obama has other more pressing
    issues to deal with, like health care reform, the economy, etc., and
    does not have the time because of his very busy schedule. Now, it all
    makes since, or does it really?

    Perhaps, based on his actions, President Obama, "Yes we can," now believes in the new saying "No we can't":

    If you're an American and celebrate freedom on the "4th of July,"

    If you're a Mexican American and celebrate freedom on Cinco de Mayo,

    If you're African American and celebrate freedom on Juneteenth,

Exploring African American Classical Music "So called JAZZ" w/ Rev.... Click to see more details...

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From: GWkeys@aol.com
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 12:42:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Fw: RE: RESPONSE TO: President Obama & Juneteenth Revisted
To: juneteenthdoc@yahoo.com
CC: georgevjohnsonjr@hotmail.com

None of that justifies Juneteenth Day. I see people faced with real issues. You have not kept your eyes on the prize.

The Professor
Mr. Keys

Where did you stand when President Obama hosted events at the White House and the US Capital observing Jewish American Holocaust, Hispanic Americans, Gay and Lesbian American, etc.

To you it was important for these ceremonies, but when our African ancestors were forced into 400 years of slavery in the US, you don't find that a real issue? You don't find millions of people who were murdered, raped, lynched, forced into slave labor without pay, burning and whipping a issue?

It's apparent that your eyes are not on the prize. What other race of people suffered as much as the African American. Where is your conscious?

George V Johnson Jr.

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